A little more about me

You know when you have so much going on inside your brain, and sometimes you just want to scream? Well I decided to start a blog to get all my thoughts out there. For me, writing out what is going on inside my head is a way that I am able to get my feelings across, and share my thoughts and ideas. I don’t really know what I want this blog to look like yet.. it may just be all the random thoughts that come into my head, it may be poems or stories I write, and it may just be a place that I use to voice my opinions and beliefs. Either way, I hope this blog allows myself and others to feel inspired, feel creative, and cultivate imagination and happy feelings 🙂


22 Facts about Grace


  1. I am 22 years old
  2. I am graduating Babson College in 39 days
  3. I currently have no plans lined up for graduation (AH)
  4. I have 4 sisters
  5. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew
  6. I live my life through movie quotes
  7. I LOVE everything Disney
  8. I studied abroad in Ireland which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life
  9. I have a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures
  10. I love to read
  11. I wanted to be a librarian and a teacher when I was younger
  12. I love to sing
  13. I love tye-dye, and even have a tye-dye backpack
  14. I never had a pet growing up ( I don’t count my beta fish)
  15. I have a really bad sweet tooth, especially for anything chocolate
  16. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream
  17. Driving relaxes me and is one of my favorite activities
  18. I want to help people and make a difference in the world
  19. I have TMJ and can move my jaw out of place
  20. I love 2pac
  21. I watch way too many YouTube videos
  22. I am still waiting for Peter Pan to fly me to Neverland

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