Home is where the heart is. A very popular saying, but for me, could not be more true. This past semester I took an Arabic Culture Course and my professor asked each of us, “where is home for you?”. Instead of just answering the town I live in, I really thought of this question.

Home. For most people, we think of the place that we grew up, or a place that made a lasting impact on our lives. When I really thought of where home was for me, I realized that home for me, is not a place. Home is a feeling. It is places I left little pieces of me. It is with people I shared parts of my heart with.

When I think of my home, my heart flip flops. I get feelings of happiness, love, sadness, nostalgia, wonder, peace. How can home be tied down to one place, one house, one state, one country?

Home is the feeling of sitting around the dinner table with your family, talking for an hour after everyone is finished eating. Home is the laughter of telling inside jokes and looking at old photos with friends.Home is the summer after high school graduation, spending every last minute with your group of friends. Home is the dorm room you spent hours in doing homework, crying over boys, ordering pizza at 3 am, taking ridiculous amounts of selfies (and naps). Home is the childhood lake house you would spend weekends at with friends and family. Home is your favorite holidays spent with your loved ones. Home is the countries you visit, the monthly brunch with College friends, the lazy Sunday mornings with your significant other; the movies you watch when you are sad, the comfort of your own bed. Home is the memories you make, the experiences you share with friends and family, the feeling of peace and content you get when you know you are “home”. Home is where you leave little pieces of your heart.

So where is home for me? It is with my friends and family. It is with my memories, my experiences. My home is constantly growing, constantly changing, but staying the same all the while. My home is with the little pieces of myself that I have left all around the world.

So I ask you, where is your home?




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