Post-Grad Life Blues

College. A time in your life that provides challenges, growth, adventure, and of course stress. College is fun and exciting; you may be living away from home or taking classes that will push you on a path towards your passion. You will meet so many different people from all different backgrounds. You will learn new things, make mistakes, cry, laugh, and of course lose countless hours of sleep. You are a “fake adult”. Yes you have responsibilities, but you can still use school/class/college as an excuse.

Post Grad Life. No matter how prepared you think you are; you aren’t. Whether you are moving back home with your family, or you are living on your own, it’s an adjustment.

Living at home

For me, after I graduated college, I moved back home with my parents. I didn’t really want to, but financially it was the smart thing to do. Plus I didn’t have a job lined up. So home to my twin size bed, family dinners, parents rules I went. Honestly, my parents are awesome and living at home could be a lot worse. But, I am ready to move out. Moving home after four years of basically living on my own was definitely an adjustment. I had to keep reminding myself I was not going back to school at the end of the summer. I had to get used to eating dinner pretty much at the same time every day with my family. I had to get used to getting asked to drive my little sister places. I kept reminding myself to not get annoyed when my parents ask me when I am going out who I am going with and what time I will be home. I had to remind myself to not get annoyed when they wake me up on the weekends by playing their music and talking downstairs. I had to get used to being surrounded by my family all the time. I am extremely grateful I am able to live at home and save money. I love my family, and my parents really are very understanding. Still, it has been an adjustment, and I constantly have to check my annoyance or attitude or un-gratefulness. I am lucky to have a family that loves me; that lets me live rent free; that supports me and my decisions. But still, it is an adjustment.

Social Life

Living at school, made having a social life easy. There was always something going on, on campus and there was always a friend within minutes. After graduating, your social life takes a turn. For me, I am lucky enough to still have a close group of friends from high school that still live in town. This made living at home a little more easy- we were all in the same boat. But, again, it is different. Living at home, means having to constantly go out to hang out. There are not many places you can go out in my town, without feeling like a “townie”. The ease of going out is no longer there. All your friends are no longer within walking distance. People are busy, lives have changed. Making plans to meet up with your college friends is needed. Going out to bars and getting food is expensive, and it adds up quickly. If you aren’t in a relationship already, it is that much harder to meet someone. More often than not, all you want to do after 7:00 is put on comfy clothes, watch some Netflix and go to bed. Social Life is different in post grad life. You feel old, yet young. You want to go out and spend money, but then you also don’t because your broke. You want to see friends, but everyone is busy and scattered across the globe. Another adjustment.

Job Search

Adulting is real. You have spent however many years in College, working towards earning a degree; a degree to start a career. There are some that know exactly what they want to do, and then there are others who are undecided. Some take the first job they are offered, others wait a little bit. Some have jobs lined up before graduation, others take a few months to get an offer.

For me, I am still doing my job search. I didn’t have a job lined up before graduation. I went on a few interviews but nothing came of them. Then it turned to summer, and my job search continued. And now, it is fall, and again the job search continues. It has been almost 5 months since I graduated college, and what I have to show for it is a piece of paper and a part-time hostessing job at a local restaurant. College doesn’t prepare you for how stressful and disappointing the job search is. Applications and cover letters and resumes, it is tiring. Going on an interview and really wanting the job, just to get a denial a few weeks later is really depressing. It makes you feel bad about yourself. It makes you question your skills and passions. It makes watching your friends start their jobs, really hard, like you are doing something wrong, or there is something wrong with you.  It makes you question why you paid that much money to get a degree, when you have very little to show for it, except, monthly student loan payments. The job search is hard; is tiring; is again, another adjustment.


No longer is papers and projects your responsibilities; but rather life.

Student Loan Payments
Car Repairs
Work/Professional Clothes
Your health: doctor visits, dentist visits, sleep, exercise
Rent- if you live on your own
*saving money*
*being productive*
Staying social with friends
Volunteering and being a part of your community
Credit Card Payments

The list is never ending

Post Grad Life is hard. Adulting is hard. I could go on and on, but it would be me saying the same thing: it is an adjustment. Now, that doesn’t mean I want to go back to college, but there are parts that I miss. This stage of my life is confusing, and challenging, and tiring, and exciting, and to be honest I really don’t know what I doing with my life.

So for now, I am going to cry over yet another job denial from today, watch Netflix curled up in comfy clothes, and pretend that I have everything figured out. Happy adulting.


* Not sorry for all the times I said adjustment


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