A letter from today’s society

Dear Potential New Friend,

Hi, I want to introduce myself a little further. I am 2016. Since we are getting to know each other, I figure I would tell you a little bit about myself. Hmm…Where to even begin??

Well let’s see.

Something that you should really know about me, is that technology is really important to me. Social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube, are ways I connect with people in my life. I am always connected if I have data or wifi. Since everyone has smart phones, it is so easy to stay connected no matter where in the world I am. I can be at family dinner, on a date, even in class or work, and I am up to dare with everything that is going on in my friends lives. I know that someone is having a bad day, or someone is going to a concert, and how many likes I have on my latest post, no matter where I am or who I am with.

Through technology, I am able to express all my opinions. I can share my thoughts on pretty much everything! If you want to talk about politics, rape culture, feminism, social justice, you know where to find me and have a personal conversation- on Facebook of course! You leave your opinion, I will leave mine. We will both be ignorant of each other, and instead of seeing and respecting other’s opinions, we will just further spread negativity and tear each other down! You want to talk? just share some news article or really edited YouTube videos, and I will be sure to have a very personal conversation with you through our screens.

Look, I know it is the 21st century, it’s nothing personal, but it’s just easier if we stick to our gender roles okay? Women, try not to get too upset when you find out you may not make as much money as your male counterparts in the workplace. But hey, its only 79 cents to the dollar, and maybe a little less if you are considered a minority. No biggie. Now men, remember, you are still MEN. I know it may seem crazy and all, but please know that, yes suppressing your emotions will make you more masculine. And speaking of masculinity, make sure you are always in charge, in the house and the workplace. AND, again, another reminder, you still are only allowed to enjoy manly things, like sports, and drinking beer, and working on cars. It’s only normal.

Here’s something that may be of shock to you. Feminism is still a very real thing. But that means you have to be a man hater. To be a real feminist, you must have had some sort of sexual harassment or assault or gender discrimination. And obviously, men are to blame, so, yes in 2016, if you are a female, you are scared of walking out of your house because of what could happen. And, if you aren’t a man hater, well, good luck. Girls hating girls, and tearing each other down might just be worse than it has ever been.

Moving on to social issues. Yikes. The past couple of years haven’t been too pretty. Let’s start with climate change. Some people still don’t think its real. Others do. All I really can tell you, is the Great Barrier Reef is pretty much dead. Oh and all the ice caps are melting. And the Ozone layer, still has a hole in it. Oops.Okay enough about that. Let’s talk about something else.

I know you told me that you are surprised at how far we have come as a worldly society. It is great, isn’t it? I mean the amount of oppressive governments are, well, yeah those are actually still a thing. But I mean, at least we aren’t dropping nuclear weapons; we are only testing them and have them in storage if need be. And if that doesn’t make you happy, just know that I, 2016, have come a long way with religion. True, it is still considered a taboo subject, but really, at least I’m not like fighting my way across the globe pushing my agenda, like back in the Middle Ages. True, there is still that conflict in Israel and Palestine. Oh and yeah the USA is terrified of Islam. Oh and the Middle East right now may not be the most peaceful place; But that’s all besides the point.

If you want to be my friend, well just know that you have to choose a side between pretty much anything. You  are either anti-abortion and women’s choice, or you like killing innocent lives. You either support Black Lives Matter and are anti-police; OR you are pro law enforcement, and don’t support BLM. You can’t choose both. You can’t. You have to choose between incurring thousands of student debt to get a college degree, or try to make a living without one. You can support the military or blame them for enlisting and going to war themselves. You need to be either pro gun or anti gun. You are either a Democrat or a Republican. What even is a third-party, or registering as an independent? You either believe Tom Brady, or you don’t.

More importantly, I like separating people. Yeah globalization was cool for a minute. But let’s face it, we are much better off if we just stick to what we know. Why would people want to experience new cultures and ways of life, when you can stick to your own? Why would learning from other races, nationalities, ethnicities, countries, better us as a world? We should really just stick to our own kind and keep building walls. I mean I don’t like or understand anything different from what I’m used to, so really, why should I put the effort in when I know it’s just a waste of time?

Oh, you’re wondering about mental health? I still have a stigma around that.

You ask about the media? I let the media dictate my thoughts and opinions. It usually dictates a really negative criteria, and makes you choose a side, like I already said.

If you don’t like what I am saying, there are safe spaces. These spaces are allowed so you don’t get offended, because everyone is offended by everything now.

You ask about gay rights? Eh, I’m getting there, but still not completely there yet. You can get married now in a lot of countries, so that’s a plus right? But don’t ask me about transgender rights.

Education rights? Oh yeah, I totally support education. It may not be able to accessed in certain places of the world, or if you are certain gender. It may be lacking in places with low-income. AND it may even re-write history, and only teach you one way of thinking, but I totally support it.

Also, I am really into labels. If you don’t agree with me, I might call you a racist, homophobic, a bigot, a slut, closed-minded. The list really goes on and on. So just don’t get offended okay?

I am still making my mind up about how I feel about breast-feeding. I mean yeah it’s totally natural, but does it really need to happen in public?

If you have small children or a weak immune system, you may get the measles or severe illness’ because vaccines aren’t a moral standard anymore.

Make sure you understand the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. It’ll save you from some really awkward and uncomfortable conversations.

Okay, I feel like I am rambling now. I hope this letter helped in getting to know me. I know I am a little confusing, but surely that’s normal. If anything upset you or you didn’t agree with something, just write about it on Facebook. Maybe you can send me a letter back, so I know a little bit more about you?

Let’s get together soon!






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