Choose to see the good

We live in a world that is no doubt, chaotic and crazy.

We focus so much on the negativity, so much on the hate, that we forget that, yes, there is good in this world.

We live surrounded by hate in all forms- racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination, poverty, ignorance; many of these only heightened behind a screen through social media.

We live in fear. Fear that if we open our hearts to something different, we will lose our sense of self. Fear so embedded into us, that we cannot see behind it.

We live our lives, day to day, always waiting for something to happen. We wait, and wait, and wait. And then it happens. Another terrorist attack; another piece of evidence of climate change; another sexual assault; another “job taken by the illegal”; another video of police brutality; another celebrity going to rehab; another hate crime; another homeless veteran; another instance of bullying; another, another, another…

The list goes on and on, the social media posts go up, the hate continues to grow.

We blame society for the way it is; but forget that we are society. We let it get this far. Instead of listening to each other and respecting each other, we live in ignorance. We only see one side to everything, usually our own. We have forgotten that we, each person on this Earth, is a person. A person that deserves basic human rights, deserves the right to live; deserves the right to their beliefs and opinions, no matter if you agree with them or not. We have forgotten about compassion and empathy.

It is hard to have compassion when the world hates “the other”. It is hard to have empathy when we are scared of what is different. It is hard to have both, when we are blinded by the hate and ignorance in our own hearts.

If we took the time to look at ourselves, and truly look into our hearts, then maybe the world would be a little different.

Maybe instead of living in negativity and fear and hate, we would live in a society of love; of acceptance; of respect.

If we talked to each other, and really, truly, listened, maybe we wouldn’t fear those that are different. Maybe, we would see, that we aren’t really all that different than the world makes it seem. Maybe we would realize that we all have a lot more in common than we thought. And that we should celebrate our differences and our similarities, because that’s what makes us both individual and whole.

It’s time that we open our minds and our hearts.

If we keep ignoring what is right in front of us- the hate, the ignorance, the fear- we will only continue to move backwards. We will only continue to separate and divide, instead come together. If we don’t start loving, and supporting, and accepting, there won’t be a world for us to live in anymore.

Once we start choosing to see the good, maybe some change will come.

I haven’t lost my faith in humanity. Because when I look at the world, I choose to see past the hate, the fear, the ignorance. I see beauty, opportunity, goodness, bravery, kindness, love and hope.

I see kids using their imagination, pretending to be princesses, ninjas, superheros, fairies, anything they want. I see families spending time together. I see single parents putting all they have into making a good life for themselves and their kids. I see teachers believing in their students and pushing them to be the best they can be. I see donation centers filled with donated goods. I see the homeless being able to get a meal at a food shelter. I see people holding the door open for each other. I see people donating blood. I see people volunteering their time within the community, to make it a better place for all.  I see fire fighters and police and military personnel risking their lives everyday. I see libraries, and schools, and hospitals, and parks, and museums.

I see how travel has allowed cultures to be shared and appreciated. How it has opened people to new experiences, new ways of life, new ideas; how it has opened minds.

I see art and music and books. How each teach the world a little bit about creativity and passion and history and feelings.

I see diversity. I see how it has made the world a better place. I see, that when it is embraced, it changes people. It connects people. It listens. It loves.

So yes, we live in a society where there is war, poverty, oppression, prejudice. Where there is animosity and ignorance. Where people are scared. Scared for their lives, their families, their friends, their health, their safety. Scared of the government, of their neighbors, of police, of immigrants. Scared of the other. Scared for each other.

But we also live in a society, where we can change all that.  We can learn to love and help and accept. We can learn to listen to each other, to support each other, to respect each other. We can build bridges instead of walls. We can work together to make a difference.

I have hope for humanity. I have faith, that one day, maybe we can all live in peace. Maybe not the kind of peace where everything is “kumbaya”, but a peace where we aren’t scared to be ourselves, we aren’t scared of difference. A peace where we embrace diversity and community and acceptance. A peace where, love truly does trump all.

Choose to see the good. Choose to be the good. Because more than anything, the world needs it right now.







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